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Baby Buddy is a free app to guide you on your journey to parenthood and beyond.

You can download Baby Buddy at any time during or after pregnancy.

You can create your very own avatar with a selection of hairstyles, wardrobe, make up and accessories with more than a million combinations.

Once you input some personal information, your Baby Buddy will be able to give you personalised advice, daily reminders, answer your questions and tell you where to find help when you need it. All this is in addition to more than 200 films to guide you.

It is packed with fun features –

  • You can do it! – This feature allows you to set yourself goals or adopt preset goals including: “Go for a walk”, “Take time for me”, “talk to my baby”, “Do my pelvic floor exercises”. It then sends you reminders and enables you to keep track of how you are doing.
  • What does it mean? – This feature gives you easy access to the definitions of hundreds of pregnancies and new parent related words.
  • Ask me – This feature allows you to ask your Buddy a question. She’ll then provide you with evidence-based Q & As using key words, pulled from a growing repository of hundreds of FAQs covering everything from mental and physical health, maternity rights and where to find additional help.
  • Videos – Best Beginnings has a strong track-record of using film to inform and empower parents. This feature includes lots of our existing From Bump to Breastfeeding and Small Wonders films and over a 100 new films covering mental health, physical health, child development, spotting the sick child and more. The films can be found via the in-app video library as well as in Daily Information and in answers to “Ask me” questions.
  • Remember to ask – This feature allows you to add questions about your pregnancy or baby as they occur to you, rather than being ‘put on the spot’ during appointments. Information found in the app e.g. in “Daily Information” “Ask me” and “What does it mean” can easily be added to the list. You can also create your own questions and keep track of what has been answered.
  • Appointments – This feature allows you to keep track of your upcoming appointments and remember things you need to bring to them. It synchronises with your phone calendar and sends you reminders if you wish to help ensure you don’t miss any appointments.
  • Bump Book and Baby Book – This feature enables you to record their thoughts and feelings, and photos to support self-reflection and as a record of their transition to parenthood and your baby’s first months. You can choose to share individual entries via social media and email if you want.
  • Bump Around and Baby Around – This feature uses geo-location to enable you to find local services and give feedback on them. Local areas can send Best Beginnings details of their services for inclusion in this feature. This feature has the potential to reduce isolation and build social capital by enabling you to easily find local services and groups and give feedback on them.
  • Edit me – The customisable avatar is important for increasing the user’s sense of control and engagement in the app. This feature allows the user to change how the avatar (and if they choose, their avatar’s avatar baby) look, including new hairstyles and handbags. Also, on completion of goals and feedback questionnaires users can “unlock” new outfits.
  • Tell us what you think – This feature invites you to give feedback on Baby Buddy and whether or not you feel it is helping you. This data, along with app usage data is collected as an anonymised and aggregated data-set. Best Beginnings can interrogate this data-set by age, ethnicity and locality to the granularity of Ward to help inform future app developments and commissioning decisions.

Download your Baby Buddy app for free today by visiting Google Play or iStore.


or visit: to find out how to use the Baby Buddy web version