Jade lot her son to rare virus called CMV

Jade’s loss due to CMV


In my fourth pregnancy I was monitored more closely due to my 3rd baby being born with a condition that was incompatible with life and dying shortly after birth. Because of this I was scanned at 16 weeks to look for the same thing, instead they found he had something else wrong. He had large amounts of fluid in his belly and head,  low amount of amniotic fluid and suspected heart problem. After 2 weeks of testing they found my darling boy had CMV. Despite this being my fourth pregnancy I had never heard of it. The day I heard of it was also the day I found out my sons heart had stopped.. I gave birth 2 days later to my beautiful son who would never take a breath. I researched all about CMV and found out its a virus that once contracted can be passed to an unborn baby. It spreads quickly especially amongst young children, so it is recommended that you don’t kiss them on lip, share cutlery etc with them. All things I didn’t think twice about doing with my son. I don’t know if knowing information like that could have prevented my son dying but it might have and hopefully by sharing my story and raising awareness might stop someone else catching it and having to bury their child too.