Kirstie's baby who survived PPROM

Kirstie’s story of surviving PPROM


Hello our chance

Just wanted to say how brace and amazing Davina is in her video story. I can completely relate to her as I had my waters break with my first daughter at 15+5 after having two rounds of fatality treatment to even fall pregnant I thought my world has ended there and then. I had no idea at the time what was happening all I knew was something was seriously wrong I was at work with what felt like I was wetting myself with no control my friend at work took me to our local hospital where I had had my treatment and went to the early pregnancy unit they confirmed my worst fears they had broke. I was crying that hard I thought I couldn’t breathe to then try and call my partner and tell him what’s happened the words just couldn’t come out and I was just crying down the phone. My amazing friend who stayed with me and spoke to my partner explaining what’s happening and that he need to come asap (he’s been my rock threw out the whole of this) once he arrived we was taken to a suite called the snowdrop suite i still remember the red bedding in there it felt like the room that clearly was the end of the road. We was assigned¬† bereavement midwife (Debbie) who was lovely sorry can’t say the same about the on call doctor came and told as my waters had broken so much with just 0.5mm of water left around my baby she would be suffocated by the bag enclosing in on her like it’s nothing. I was offered a termination which I completely declined if my baby still had a heart beat how could I do that! We was told the baby would have a 7% chance however as they had broken so bad was likely to be less and is there anything else she could do in which I couldn’t help myself in saying get my a new sack and fix my waters would be great!!! I was discharged and told my the doctor I would pass the baby within the next 48 hours (it) would be this big, blue in colour may twitch in which I need to wrap it on a towel and bring (it) in, this it is my beautiful daughter who is know 2 1/2 and a happy amazing little girl.

So I was discharged from the hospital which all the midwives where great they gave me a change of clothes and where so compassionate truly amazing people. After antibiotics and twice weekly appointments swabs blood tests at the hospital and a consultant led pregnancy by dr Katy Rodes (Good Hope Hospital) who was amazing support amazing I had manage to gain back water by some miracle and the luck of god we had made plans to have her at 37 weeks and had my steroid injections at 24 weeks in readiness just in case…great thought the storm had gone. 34+2 i woke to my waters broke again….I thought you got it I be kidding me!!! after a awful in juiced labour she was delivered 34+4 my a c-section with 11 people in there with is wasn’t how I pictured having a baby would be but she was here this tiny small beautiful baby at 4.7 1/2oz she had an 11 day in special baby stay due to not being able to suck and breathing for feeding so she was tube fed until she got the hang of it. She was finally discharged and is now a happy amazing little girl full of joy and laughter, we called her Amelia which was the closest we came up to a miracle which she truly is.

Hope this bring hope to all those who go through this and many other awful experiences there really can be a silver lining to a cloud.

Kirstie;s PPROM baby all grown up