Baby dies, Alexis Moses

Tasha’s story


Hi I was wondering how I go about submitting a story for your website, my pregnancy was different as I didn’t know I was pregnant until I actually gave birth at home all alone to beautiful baby girl at 5.53 am on 8th December 2015. She weighed 6lb 6oz. We where taken to hospital and stayed in for 2 days.

When we where eventually allowed home, my family had managed to get all the things you would need for a new born. Due to serious back problems I was on strong painkillers, which I was taking right throughout my pregnancy.

Our little miracle was perfect in every way. We had a few feeding issues but was out on colief drops from the doctors and we where advised to come back 5 days later for a check up.

On the 23rd December we went back to the doctors to see someone as we were recommended. I was concerned about Alexis breathing and I mentioned this to the doctor. They didn’t seem at all concerned and we where sent home.

The night of the 23rd Alexis wouldn’t settle in her Moses baskets till about 3am. She finally went to sleep so I tried to get some sleep before her next feed at 6. I woke up just after 6 looked into Alexis Moses basket to see her grey, and sweating. She was so hot and hardly breathing. I grabbed her rushed downstairs and my mum started cpr while I phoned 999.

Within minutes the ambulance crew where there and we were rushed to hospital. Sadly Alexis didn’t make it and grew her angel wings at 7.20 am on Christmas Eve.

We  found out due to having to have a post mortem had viral and bacterial bronchitis and bronuphneumoina which lead to heart and lung failure.

Our little Christmas miracle was only with us for 16 short days but has made a everlasting imprint on all of us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you are able to print it please do as I wish to get people to trust there mothers instinct, even when you get told different from medical professionals, always ask for a second opinion