The Worse Day 0f My Life – Charlotte’s story


Charlotte Dyson

Age: 21

From: Doncaster

Her baby son, Kayal Stephen Singleton, was stillborn at 38 weeks, in August 2013. She was 18 years old.

Where do I start? No parent should have to plan their child’s funeral. No parent should have to suffer the grief of losing a child in any stage of pregnancy, or even after birth. You should remember your child for all the good reasons, not bad.

I lost my child at 38 weeks, all my pregnancy was perfect and I wasn’t given any advice, as none was needed. After losing my child I learnt that opening up to others was the best way for me to deal with my grief.

Four months after losing my child I caught on again, I was so upset I didn’t want to carry another baby for nine months for nothing. My whole pregnancy I was on edge but luckily I delivered my child at 37 weeks by c section.

I now have two healthy baby girls.  I tell them every night about their big brother in heaven.

Here’s my story of my guardian angel, Kayal Stephen Singleton.

Wow… today is the day I start my new first job! My nerves are kicking in. At 8.30am my phone starts to ring, it’s my doctors. I didn’t think this news would change my life.

I’M PREGNANT!! I was so speechless, I was only 18 and I was living in supported accommodation and currently split from my partner.

What am I going to do? Am I ready for a child? – I sat and held my head and cried. I was filled with joy but sadness at the same time. I always wanted a family but was I in a position for a baby? It’s a risk I’m going to take!

A few weeks passed and the joys of sickness had started- joys of early pregnancy. Two weeks later I started lightly bleeding, I was so worried and didn’t know if it was right. The thought of losing my baby was breaking my heart. I went straight to the hospital for a scan…. there it was my baby’s heart beating, everything perfect. I was told the bleeding was normal and not to worry about it. It was such a relief knowing everything was okay. I carried on with the rest of my pregnancy, apart from sickness nothing was wrong.

YAYY!!! The twinges have now finally started and in the matter of weeks they turned to kicks, it was the best feeling ever.

Finally my 20 week scan appointment was here…. sat patiently waiting….it’s a boy! I was over the moon! My boy was growing perfectly, not one single problem.

My next appointment was booked for 38 weeks, it just a normal check up to check he is head down and ready. Today is the day -15th August 2013 – my 38 week appointment. The alarm goes off nice and early! I woke up with period pains.  I went to my scan as normal and asked a midwife if it was normal, and she explained yes it’s my body preparing for labour. The scan went fine, they listened to my baby’s heart beat flow, to the placenta, not any problems.

I walked to my local town which was a 15 minute walk away, I did a bit of shopping getting last minute baby bits.  I started getting backache a few hours later and started getting pains. Another few hours passed and there were every hourish. I rang my midwife but no answer …l went home, took two paracetamol and got a nice warm bath. Another hour or so passed and I started being violently sick, the pains were every 15 minutes so I rang the maternity ward and got told to come in.  I rang my mum to take me up.

When I got there I was told to go into the waiting room after five minutes of waiting, the pain was constant I was in agony…. 45 minutes later of waiting I was finally seen by a midwife who checked me….. she had to get another midwife to double check.

There was no heartbeat….. my life was just torn apart in front of me! This does not happen to an 18 year old like me, I blamed myself, thought I did something wrong. I was told my placenta ruptured which caused loss of oxygen to my baby and that what the pain was.

I carried on with my labour as normal that day. My angel was born 6lb 8oz, perfect in every single way possible ….my perfect baby boy. I just wanted to believe it was a nightmare and I would wake up.

But no it was worse day of my life!

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